A Brief History

The Age of Ancients

ca. ? BT – The Titans are all slain in a massive conflict, the details of which have been lost to time.

ca. ? BT – The First Council of Elves are taught the ways of magic by the Outsider. They found the city of Kal-Balad in the Argean Isles.

ca. 20,000 BT – A great cataclysm destroys the Argean Isles, the homeland of the Elves, who flee to Karnathia for refuge. The Elves who settle in the lush forests of western Karnathia become the Sylvan Elves, who worship the Great Forest Spirit. The Elves who settle in the frozen northern tundra become the Grey Elves, who worship the Leviathan. The Elves who settle in the arid south retain their worship of the Outsider and establish the Highborn Elven Kingdom of Sarajinia.

ca. 15,000 BT – Dwarf Chief Durendyn "The Slayer" drives the Firbolgs out of the northern mountains of Karnathia and establishes the Tzardom of Durengard. Dwarf Tzar Khamadyn "The Mason" constructs the city of Stahlmordan.

ca. 10,000 BT – The first tribes of Humans emerge in Karnathia. Legend says mankind was created by Solarius, God of Light, as his arbiters in the material realm.

ca. 8,000 BT – The Kimerian Human tribes invade the Western Isles. They come into savage conflict with the native Sylvan Elves and Satyrs, which ends after many years in a peace treaty between the peoples. The Kimerians adopt the worship of the Great Forest Spirit from the Sylvan Elves.

The Old Kingdoms

ca. 6,000 BT – Prometra of Savtaros travels to Sarajinia and learns the art of wizardry from the Highborn Elves. He establishes the first Human college of wizardry.

ca. 3,000 BT – Astorians invade the Western Isles, forcefully displacing the Kimerians, Sylvan Elves and Satyrs. This new kingdom is named Astorlon.

ca. 2,800 BT - The Church of Light is established in Astorlon, worshipping Solarius, God of Light as supreme deity and Uther "The Ascended" as a saint. Legend says Solarius visited Uther the Astorian in ca. 4,000 BT and instructed him to unite his people under his divine kingship. Use of magic and worship of other gods is outlawed. All major magical colleges are destroyed and many "heretics" are executed. This doctrine spreads quickly to become the central faith of the Humans of the Old Kingdoms.

ca. 2,000 BT – Sarajinia discovers "Spice" – a resource that is mined and processed into a potion that bestows enhanced magical ability to the user, as well as other effects.

The Tiverian Dynasty

ca. 0 AT – Highborn Elf Daegorth Tiverius "The Conqueror" invades and conquers the Old Kingdoms and declares himself the Lord Imperator of the Tiverian Empire.

ca. 200 AT – The Tiverian Empire invades and conquers the Elven Kingdom of Sarajinia. The Empire at this point controls all of the Human and Elven territory in Karnathia.

ca. 300 AT – The Tiverian Empire attempts to invade Durengard and fails. Lord Imperator Daegorth Tiverius is slain during the Siege of Stahlmordan. His son, Daegorth II, takes the throne. Daegorth II decides to end the campaign against Durengard, and focuses on holding the Eastern Steppes.

The Fall of the Empire

ca. 2,750 AT – The Undead Curse greatly damages the infrastructure and military of the Tiverian Empire.

ca. 2,882 AT – Durengard discovers "Salt" – a highly explosive mineral, deep in the mountains of the Eastern Steppes. They develop the first firearms, and use them to help with territorial endeavours. They also sell and smuggle these firearms to different rebel groups in western Karnathia to help destabilise the Tiverian Empire.

ca. 2,890 AT – Wolder Marthonius leads a successful revolt against the Tiverian Empire in Astorlon using the newfound power of Dwarven firearms. He declares himself the King of "The Free Isles".

The Reign of Vangaerius

ca. 2,984 AT – Imperator Vilus Vangaerius convinces his Legion to help him take the capital and overthrow Lord Imperator Julion Tiverius. The entire house of Tiverius is slain.

ca. 2,988 AT – The young Gwendolir Marthonius is crowned Queen of the Free Isles after her father is poisoned.

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A Brief History

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