Karnathian Calendar

The Karnathian Calendar is the standard measurement of time in the continent of Karnathia. The solar cycle of the world is understood to be 360 days long, with a day consisting of 24 hours. Years are divided into four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, each lasting 90 days.

Years are also divided into months based on the heliacal rising of different astrological signs:

The Crown, associated with ambition, nobility.
The Banner, associated with loyalty, unity.
The Sceptre, associated with humility, divinity.
The Shield, associated with strength, honour.
The Scythe, associated with fertility, harvests.
The Sword, associated with chivalry, order.
The Bow, associated with tradition, hunting.
The Scroll, associated with knowledge, magics.
The Trident, associated with liberty, change.
The Jesters, associated with cunning, arts.
The Island, associated with isolation, introspection.
The Tower, associated with discipline, secrets.

The current calendar era uses the conquest of Daegorth Tiverius as an epoch to determine its "year zero". BT stands for Before Tiverius, and AT stands for Anno Tiverius.

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Karnathian Calendar

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