The Age of Embers is a campaign setting primarily set in the west of the continent of Karnathia.

Three thousand years ago, the Highborn Elf Lord Daegorth Tiverius "The Conqueror" invaded, subdued and united the Old Kingdoms under his rule. The Tiverian Dynasty ruled these lands for 5 generations of Elven Kings, until the sudden arrival of an undead curse lay ruin to the empire's military. The Isles of Astorlon were the first to rebel against their Elven masters, and soon, the Tiverian Dynasty had been overthrown by the very people they once oppressed.

Out of the ashes of the old empire, a new one was formed, controlling all of the old Human Kingdoms except The Free Isles of Astorlon, and lead by Lord Imperator Vilus Vangaerius, who is hailed by many as the liberator of humanity, although some claim he is just as much of a power-hungry tyrant as the Elven King he replaced. Discontent is brewing, and revolutionary militias have grown in power, causing Lord Imperator Vangaerius to tighten his iron grip on the throne.

Who will determine the fate of Karnathia?

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The Age of Embers

Age of embers